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2 floor No.22 bld No.6 Hengyeba street.Yongle economic development zone Tongzhou District Beijing China
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SpO2 Sensor
SpO2 Extension Cable
ECG Cable
One piece ECG Cable wire
ECG trunk cable/Leadwires
IBP Cable
ECG Electrodes
EEG Electrode
OEM Medical Cable
Physiotherapy cables
Company Profile

Founded in 2003,Dacolink Electronic Limited is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in the R&D, production, sales and service for accessories of ECG, Holter ECG, 24hours monitor and EEG. Located in Haidian District Beijing, Dacolink has already possessed numerous excellent customers, and with several years development, we established a factory which is more than 1000 square meters in the Industry Zone of Beijing.Also based on the domestic market at the same time, through the unremitting efforts Dacolink has already owned the best customers from  U.S.A., Argentina, Brazil, Peru,Chile,Italy, Germany,Britain, Russia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iran and South Korea, and so many other counties.

 Our advantage

Technology Advantages: Every key position is operated by experienced technical personnel with 7-8 years experience and they use the most sophisticated technology to ensure the best quality products. Our company has been helping customers to design, develop, and produce numerous sophisticated products since the factory was built nearly 10 years ago, and wins warm recognition and praise from customers, and often solves some difficult producing problems of products for surrounding factories in the same industry.

Cost Advantage: In order to improve management efficiency and market share, our company is an independent entity company in the north established by the group company. The Group headquarters not only provides high-quality raw materials, but also offers some favorable support to innovative developments in raw material and technical guidance, which ensures us to provide the best quality products at the fastest speed for customers!

Variety advantage: Through almost a decade of production experience, our company has possessed a multitude of product mold and at the same time accumulates a lot of industry experience. Our company can produce different connecting line covering almost all the common-used communications, medical care, network, computer, automobile, entertainment and so many different fields, which provide effective guarantee to place an order, and manufacture at any time and the timely delivery for customer.

Service advantage: Our company has always been consistent to implement that: What we have done is never less than the commitment to customers. Under the premise of high-quality products guarantee, our company will resolve all the customers's worries when using the products. The principle and ultimate goal we uphold is that eventually every customer could become our forever friend. We hope that every friend we have cooperated with can maximize their interests happily and realize multi-win. 



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